Putting It All Together...

It took a bit of urging, and urgency, for me to schedule the first public presentation of my research. Rosie, our local Librarian offered me a choice of dates. Nothing like a deadline to motivate... so I took the closest, just over a month away.

With mounds of raw data compiled from books, articles and first-hand observation, I hunkered down with my first, one owner laptop.

Pouring over thousands of my own photographs and searching through online data -- I sat up, bleary-eyed into the wee hours… every night… determined to create a smooth and coherent less-than-one hour Keynote presentation.

The hardest part of putting it all together, was having to leave so much out.

I gave my presentation at the Wendell Free Library on January 15th, 2016, and now that it’s behind me, I figure it’s time to get to work on Part II… I have lots more data to draw from.

In my research, I was delighted to find some really helpful maps, both modern and colonial era works, available for public and academic use.

I am so grateful to all who have released their work to the Public Domain. I am getting my work out there too, and hereby let it be known that all my work that I have personally put forth on this blog and/or on Vimeo or YouTube, Wikimedia, or other Public Domain sites in regards to the stones, shall remain part of the Public Domain as well.

As I learn to navigate through building a website, etc., I’ll get more high quality photos and related data uploaded for use and copy. A lightly edited video of my library presentation, called "Circles In Stone: Art and Geometry of the Stone People”, was aired on Montague Community TV and then was released onto Vimeo soon after.


Meanwhile, I joined Pinterest and created a few boards of related imagery, including some of those maps I mentioned. One board is of my original photographs. The files are not very large, so not print-worthy, but hopefully they’ll get pinned around and thereby generate some interest back to the source…

As always, here are a few recent photos from my forays:

First is a photo of the bottom of a small pond in the State Forest during the drought of 2016.

Next, two views of one stone. East face:

West face:

Recognizing what the Ancients knew...

Close up of lower left relief design:

Pointing the way onward...

Thank you for taking time to consider...

Sarah Kohler